Download 2009 Iowa Support Master

PRE-July 1 Version - Click Here

July 1 - New Guidelines Version - Click Here

Lawyer Users - click above then click OPEN or RUN to installl if asked.
Judges must SAVE the file.

There is no need to save the file unless you are a judge or you are installing to a network.

If you have not already purchased the 2009 version, you must do so
in order to be able to install and unlock the software.
Click Here to return to the home page to order the 2009 version.

--  Network Installation  --

For multiple users, you may install the Iowa Support Master on a network.  Just one installation will work for everyone.

If needed, the vb40032.dll file is located on your server.  Copy this file to the c:\windows\system32 on the work station.

Each work station may select their own default printer.

Support and Trouble Shooting

Visit anytime for help installing or using the Iowa Support Master.