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Extraordinary Vistiation Credit

This information is intended as a guide. Please conduct your own, independent research using the current Iowa Child Support Guidelines. You should consult with an attorney of your choosing.

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Extraordinary Visitation


Extraordinary Visitation Credit

This credit is allowed if the NCP has visitation with the child(ren) 128 days or more per year. Select the option that suits your situation.

Guidelines Rule 9.9 provides that f the noncustodial parent's court-ordered visitation exceeds 127 days per year, the noncustodial parent shall receive a credit to the noncustodial parent's share of the basic support obligation in according with this table:

127 - 147 days = 15% credit.
148 - 166 days = 20% credit.
166 or more but less than equally shared physical care = 25% credit.

Days means overnights spent caring for the child. If the NCP fails to exercise this visitation, the decree is subject to modification.


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