Iowa Support Master

by Alft & Wilson Publishing

Webinar Help

Alft & Wilson Publishing offers webinar training on Iowa's Child Support Guidelines and the use of Iowa Support Master in calculation child support. Our webinars are intended to education staff and attorneys on the proper calculation of child support.

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How-to-Join Webinar

Make sure you your speakers are working. Play a YouTube video to check.

If you have a webcam, they are on most laptops, disable it. If you are unsure how, place a sticky note over the lens. We will disable them as fast as we can.

If you have a microphone, we can enable you to speak at the end of the webinar so you may ask a question.

You will be sent an email the morning of the webinar. It will provide the following details.
Michael Alft or Patrick Wilson... is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Iowa Code 252E.1A, Cash Medical, Health Insurance 2019 Iowa Support Master
Time: Nov 30, 2018 12:00 PM Central Time.

Join Zoom Meeting
[A URL link to join will appear here] You will need to click the link to join... keep reading below

Once you click on the link, you will be taken to a webpage. Allow a few seconds for the page to load. You should see a message that tells you to click on "Open Zoom Meetings"

Click on "Open Zoom Meetings"

Type in your name in the box that appears then click "Join"

The next screen that appears should have "Computer Audio" selected in blue. If you need to, click on the link that says "Test speaker and microphone"

If you know your audio works, click join with computer audio.

If during the presentation the screen size is too large or small, move your mouse to the top of the screen and onto "View Options". A drop-down list will appear. You can make the screen larger or smaller.