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Iowa Support Master is a copyright of Alft & Wilson Publishing. Please respect our copyright and license terms. Thank you.

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Limited Use Order Iowa Support Master


If you are representing yourself and you need to submit a Form 1 to the court in your case, you may use Iowa Support Master software to do so. There is a fee based on how many hours you will need to prepare the Form. Please make sure you read and understand all terms before proceeding. Once you have made your purchase there are no refunds. Alft & Wilson Publishing will not answer your questions. If you call us, you will be advised to consult an attorney of your choosing.

  • You will be provided with a license key to operate the Iowa Support Master Child Support Guidelines software for a limited period of time during which you will have unlimited use of the program and all features.
  • Alft & Wilson Publishing will not provide phone or email support, assistance or advice to pro se (self-represented, non-lawyer) litigants. We are not allowed to provide legal advice. If you find out you need help, you will need to contact a family law attorney.
  • You are purchasing a limited term license to use the Iowa Support Master software.
  • We have an information gathering form for your use. Click Here for an information gathering form. Once you have all the information needed to proceed, then you may purchase the limited license.
  • There are no refunds. Once we release the program for your use, it is yours to use per these terms.

How It Works

You are purchasing a window of time to use the software. There will be a start date, decided by you. Once you reach the end date, the software will stop working. If you are still in need of using the software, you will be required to purchase another limited term use license. It is important that you have your ducks in order before you buy. Once the software is enabled and released, it is yours to use for the window of time you selected. There are no refunds.

Once the software is released to you and enabled, it is yours to use for the time frame you selected. If you need more time, you will need to purchase another license. Example, we will not extend the license because you forgot something. You will need to purchase another license. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Print and Prepare this form: Form 1 Information Gathering Form


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