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TERMS: Iowa Support Master software is licensed for use by lawyers who accept clients in family law matters. Family law matters include divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, mediation, legal separation and any matter having to do with children and family law issues. All lawyers must purchase a license to use our software. Complete License Terms.

No charge for non-lawyer staff of licensed users. The program may be installed on all computers that are under the control of the licensed lawyer. The program year starts on the date of the official release of the software through December 31st of the program year.

New Lawyer - Economic Difficulties

If you have graduated from law school and/or passed the Iowa bar in the past 12 months, we will provide you with Iowa Support Master free of charge. Contact us. If you are experiencing economic difficulties, contact us. You will be treated with complete respect and confidentiality.

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  • One Family Law Lawyer $329.00
  • Two Family Law Lawyers $549.00
  • Three Family Law Lawyers $759.00
  • Four Family Law Lawyers $969.00
  • Five or more Family Law Lawyers $1,179.00


Non-Profit and Public Service Agencies Free

Alft & Wilson Publishing provides Iowa Support Master at no charge to non-profit public service agencies dedicated to providing free legal services to Iowans. Contact us.

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