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You are purchasing a license to use the Iowa Support Master software. The license year starts at the release of the program through December 31 of the program year. All lawyers in your firm and/or associated with your firm who handle family law matters including divorce, child cusotdy, child support, mediation of custody or dissolution matters, spousal support, support, separation and general family law matters must be licensed. For example, in a five lawyer firm, three lawyers hold themselves out and/or take on clients concerning family law isues, you must order the three-lawyer license. We do not charge for non-lawyer support staff. The program may be installed on all computers under the control of licensed users.

2021 Program Pricing

  • Single Lawyer User $299
  • Each additional lawyer $259 up to 10
  • If more than 10 lawyers to be licensed, call 515-822-0203.
  • Lawyers Admitted 2020 - 2021. No Charge
  • Lawyers in Solo Practice Admitted 2018 - 2019 - Half Price - $150
  • Non-lawyer support staff no charge.
  • We provide Iowa Support Master at no charge to non-profit agencies that provide free legal assistance. Contact us.
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Some of the Non-Profit and Public Service Agencies who receive Iowa Support Master

Iowa Legalaid
Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Drake Law Legal Clinic
University of Iowa Legal Clinic
Polk County Bar Association
Muscatine Legal Services