Iowa Support Master

by Alft & Wilson Publishing

Pay by Check - Iowa Support Master

The 2019 program has been released. Go to our download page.

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Questions? Call: 515-822-0203


Pay by Check Three Options

If you need the 2019 program now and you will send in a check, call 515-822-0203.
Option One:

Mail in a check with a copy of your letterhead.

Make your check payable to Alft & Wilson Publishing and send it to:

Alft & Wilson Publishing
3775 EP True Parkway, Suite 282
West Des Moines, IA 50265

Here is our address on a Word docx envelope: Envelope Click Here.
Option Two:

Print and mail this order form: CLICK HERE then send it in.
Option Three:

Order online. During the process, you will be given an option - pay by check or credit card. Select to pay by check. Print the invoice and mail it in with your check. We will process your order when received.