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Pay by Credit Card Help

Thank you for choosing Iowa Support Master. The instructions below are very important if you are to have success when paying by a credit card. is our credit card processing provider. They are sensitive to credit card fraud. Please read and follow the instructions below before proceeding.

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Please read the instructions below before proceeding. Thank you.

When the charge shows up on your credit card, please do not dispute it. Contact us if you have questions. Thank you.
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If you have any trouble getting your credit card to work, call us! If you purchase and pay by credit card, credit card processing fees are added. If you don't wish to pay the fees, pay by check. If you need the software now, you may still pay by check and get the software today. Just call us!

You do not need to set up a account to pay by credit card. Look at this image which shows how to pay with a credit card. often changes the appearance of their pages so your page may not look exactly like ours below. They want you to have an account but it is not required to make payment.

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Please do not contest the charge on your credit card statement. If you contest the charge, Paypal will charge us $25 and we will ask you to reimburse us.


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