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Privacy Notes

The information below concerns your privacy. Alft & Wilson Publishing will not collect, save nor keep your data.

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Privacy Notes


If you have any privacy concerns please contact us.

The online child support calculators use secure methods to protect data while producing an accurate child support calculation. Our philosophy and practice is simply - the less we know, the happier we are.

For maximum security, you can easily produce an accurate child support calculation without entering any personally identifiable information about either of the parties. All you need to do is enter only the information necessary for a calculation and finish editing documents on your own computer.

We do not track or log the child support information entered. All the data used in calculations is required to be encrypted, the data exists for a very short time in memory only, the data never resides on a physical media. We do not use or require Java, cookies, flash, or cross-site scripting. There is no 3rd party involved. We use additional undisclosed techniques to protect data and security.

We have produced Iowa Support Master desktop software for 20 years. If you are in any way uncomfortable using this online calculator then continue to use our desktop software. This online calculator is provided as a supplement to assist you in your work.

If we can be of more assistance you can contact us.

Thank you for using Iowa Support Master software.