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Teaser Number 1 - Shared Care vs. Split Custody

Open the Iowa Support Master software and enter these figures:

NCP income $95,000.00
CP income $45,000.00
Tax Information - each claims 1 child and both claim Head of Household
Medical - check the box provided at no cost.
Number of Children for support - 2

Make note of the child support result.

Now check the box indicating "Shared Physical Care" in the "Number of Children for Support" screen. and write down what you see for child support.

Next, uncheck the "Shared Physical Care" box.

Next, click on the "Split" button then click on OK. The pop-up screen will display that each party claims one and what do you see as the offset amount?

Shared Custody is one amount and Split Custody is a different amount

Why is there a difference? Why are the numbers different between shared custody and split custody? In shared aren't both parents sharing the same two kids equally? In split, aren't we talking about each parent taking care of one child? Why is there a difference?

Explain what the difference is between split and shared in this situation. Send your answer to

Teaser Number 2 - Health Insurance - Cash Medical

In cases of shared physical care, which parent is the non-custodial parent? Does it make a difference?

Consider this, the parties have one child. The child is covered by hawk-i. Shared physical care. Rule 9.12(3) of the Guidelines provides that if "the child(ren)'s healthy care coverage is through the Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa program (hawk-i) under Iowa Code chapter 513I, the ordered amount of cash medical support is the cost of the hawk-i premium or the amount calculated pursuant to the table in rule 9.12(4), whichever is less."

Who is the non-custodial parent? If, for example, dad is paying the $20 per month for coverage, should mom be paying $20 per month in cash medical to dad? Shared physical care? Both have equal responsibilities for the child? So mom will pay the full boat cost and dad is reimbursed full boat cost?