Iowa Support Master

by Alft & Wilson Publishing

Program Features

We are always looking for ways to improve Iowa Support Master for your use. If you have an idea, let us know. We may send you a big box of Godiva and who doesn't like chocolate!

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Iowa Support Master Features


Coming in 2019

Website Link. Our free, on-line calculator is used hundreds of times each month. We are re-configuring the program so that when a visitor uses the program, they will receive their results along with a list of lawyers in their area who handle family law cases (and, of course, use Iowa Support Master). If you want to be listed, you must opt-in. Watch for an email coming out in December.


Program Support

Nobody supports their program like we do. Just ask our users.

  • 24/7 Phone Support. We field calls day and night, including weekends.

  • Guidelines Support - 515-822-0203

  • Technical and Network Support - 610-368-5749



We are adding new forms to the software for 2019! Watch for news. If you have a form you would like us to build, contact us.


Software Specs

  • Download/Local Installation Windows Based

  • Install on Apple Computers with Parallels or VMware Fusion (call for help).

  • Online - Windows - Apple - Tablets - iPad Compatible

  • Works with all word processor software.


Program Special Features

  • Analysis Page This feature provides a side-by-side comparison of all the numbers. It includes an analysis of who would best benefit by "claiming the kids". Warning messages will also appear if insurance is unreasonable.

  • Spousal Support Predictor Iowa Support Master includes a handy spousal support estimator feature based on guidelines adopted by Illinois in 2018. Other sources are provided for information only. Iowa has not adopted spousal support guidelines. This feature is found under the "Special Ops" button. See the sample below.

  • Medical Expense Guide We are "goof-proof". The software tells you what the reasonable cost of health insurance is. There are checkboxes for you to indicate if the coverage is, for example, Hawk-I or Title XIX. If an amount is entered that is unreasonable, a warning indicator will appear, and the program will also include a warning on the results of the forms.

  • Childcare Expenses Guide Another "goof-proof" feature. We added a Child Care Analysis feature that details the proportional shares based on the financials of the parties. It is provided as a guide.

  • Tax Effects on Child Support This feature allows you to check boxes, change the number of children involved, change the filing status of the parties. As you do so, you will see an instant, on-screen display of the results. when you have a client sitting across from you, go to this screen and you can click away and give your client instant, reliable advice. Look for it in "Special Ops"

  • Income Beyond the Guidelines When you have a case where a party is "off the scale" in terms of income, we provide a guide. Found under our "Special Ops" button.

  • The 20% Rule Don't know what that means? The Child Support Recovery Unit will estimate federal and state taxes at 20%. We added a feature to allow you to apply the rule. It is found in the "Special Ops" feature.

  • Pro Se Solutions We added this feature at the behest of our users. We have a form called "Affidavit of Non-Representation" for the other party who chooses not to be represented by counsel. Another feature found here is a checkbox that when checked, adds a signature line to Form 1 for the pro se party to sign off on your Form 1.

  • Blended Custody Formulas We created forumulas as a guide for those times when the parties have blended custody. In a case, for example, where you have two kids, one will be in primary care of one party while the other is shared custody. The Guidelines don't yet address this issue, but we see it cropping up more and more. We have proposed solutions and give you something to work with. We have good feedback, so we must be doing it right.

  • Instant Child Support Results Display We put the number right on the main screen of the program. With every entry you make, the support amount updates.

  • Instant Cash Medical Results Display This feature is found on the main screen of the program. With every entry you make, cash medical updates and you see the results instantly.

  • Password Protect Files Iowa Support Master allows you to password protect your data files.

  • Advanced Find Feature When you can't remember where …. "shared custody" is located in the software, click on the "Find" button and just start typing "share…" and a list will appear. Click and go.

  • Claim the Kids Every Other Year With the click of a button, you can make entries for the parties as to who will claim which kids this year and next, alternating. See example below.

  • Missing Information Click the button and Iowa Support Master will tell you if you left anything out of your Form preparation.

  • Weekly Support Option For use if you have a case where a party will pay support weekly, just

  • Split Custody Another button to click and the program will let you divide the children and provide an instant display of support. We do the math, you argue your case.

  • Reverse Information Easily switch who is non-custodial and who is custodial with the click of a button. It's that easy. The math will recalculate the results instantly.

  • Unlimited Tax Options When you have a party who has wage income and money coming in from a source that isn't subject to FICA. No problem. Go to the Income Screen. Make your entries and check boxes.

  • Tax Override Feature For those times when you have a party working in South Dakota (no state income tax). Enter the income. Go to this feature and override state tax.

  • Print Preview - Easy Edit When you pull up your Form, you can easily edit it before you print it. You may export it to DOC or to PDF.


Our Forms

  • Form 1 (with additional advisories, ie. Unreasonable Cost alert.
  • Form 2
  • Affidavit of Financial Status
  • Income Withholding Order
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Cover Page
  • Confidential Information Form
  • Affidavit of Non-Representation
  • Original Notice
  • State Statistical Report
  • Income Withholding Order - DOC
  • Dissolution Quit Claim Deed
  • Stipulation of Assets
  • Change of Title
  • Attorney Fee Lien
  • E-File Stipulation Sample
  • E-File Decree Sample
  • EDMS Protected information Disclosure