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Unbundled Legal Services

Alft & Wilson Publishing highly recommends that you consult with an attorney. If you are representing yourself without at least consulting with a lawyer is ill advised. Call a lawyer and ask for a consultation. You may find a lawyer willing to provide you with a free consult. We do not provide advice.

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Unbundled Legal Services


What are "unbundled legal services"?

This means that a licensed Iowa attorney is willing to provide you with limited representation/legal services. The best example in the child support arena is the preparation of a Form 1. A Form 1 is complicated to complete. They are required if your case involves children. If you insist on representing yourself, which is a bad idea, you can find a lawyer who will help you put a Form 1 together that will be accepted by the court.

It makes no difference if an attorney is not in your immediate area, the lawyers listed below can still help you. They are a phone call away from helping you get it done right the first time.

Central Iowa Area

Skogerson and McGinn Law Office

McCollom Law Firm, PLLC

Eastern Iowa Area

Teitle Law Offices, P.C.


Want to be listed?

If you are a licensed Iowa attorney offering unbundled services and are willing to assist litigants with the preparartion of a Form 1, and you are a current licensed user of Iowa Support Master, please contact Pat Wilson at to be listed for free. Thank you.