Iowa Support Master

by Alft & Wilson Publishing

Why Iowa Support Master?

Alft & Wilson Publishing gurantees that Iowa Support Master will produce accurate results 100% of the time. You enter the numbers, we do the calculatons. Judges, lawyers and legal assistants all across Iowa and into Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois rely on Iowa Support Master.

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Why Iowa Support Master?

"I have been using Iowa Support Master for the last 15 years in my family law practice. Over those years, Alft & Wilson Publishing has always kept their program up to date with changes in the Tax Code, the Iowa Child Support Guidelines, and technology. They have also supported family law attorneys and events around the State of Iowa, giving free presentations on their software at family law seminars, providing raffle prizes and sponsorships, and above all, handling phone calls at all hours of the day and night from attorneys with guideline or program questions. Alft & Wilson stand behind their program and more importantly, they support it. Their work in developing, maintaining, and growing Iowa Support Master is deeply personal. I am grateful for their dedication to providing quality software that has helped thousands of Iowa families with support obligations for many, many years." AJ Skogerson, THE LAW SHOP BY SKOGERSON McGINN LLC, Van Meter, Iowa. On the web:
You don't need our software to prepare a Form 1. You can do one by hand if you have the time and there are software programs that will assist you in preparing a Form 1. But there are no software programs available to you that offer the many features and 24/7 support we offer.

We may cost a little more than other programs but consider what you are getting for your money. A single user of Iowa Support Master price is $329, our price point since 2013. If your hourly rate is $200 per hour, it's an hour and a half of your billable time for a year's use of the software. And Iowa Support Master has more features than all the other programs combined.

Public service.... we provide Iowa Support Master to Drake and Iowa Law Schools, Iowa Legalaid, Iowa Coalition against Domestic Violence and the Polk County Bar Association for volunteer, pro bono lawyers. Iowa Support Master is free to all newly admitted attorneys and we will discount the program or provide it at no charge to any lawyer who is experiencing financial difficulties.

Support: call us 24/7. We answer calls on weekends, holidays and even when we are on vacation. We work for you because we appreciate your business.


What do you get for your money?

Program Support The phone numbers in the left margin are our cell phone numbers. Call anytime.

Download and Online Versions We work on any device. iPad. Laptop. Apple (with the installation of VmWare Fusion).

Special Ops If you haven't clicked on our Special Ops button, you are missing out on using one of the best features of Iowa Support Master. It is here that you will find the feature "Tax Effects - Claiming the Kids". With the click of your mouse, you can change who claims which kids and see instant support results.

Income Beyond the Guidelines - High Income Help Don't you wish you had this problem .... but when you do, we are here to help. In cases where the income runs off the guidelines scale, we provide a formula to assist you.

Spousal Support Predictor Over the years, we have hired Drake Law students to research spousal support rulings. You will benefit from our investment. Check it out.

Analysis Page This is a side-by-side comparison of all the numbers. Print and hand it to the judge and everybody will be happy except for the one using some other program!

Goof Proof Health Insurance Expenses You cannot mess up using Iowa Support Master. Impossible... well, maybe. If you do, we will tell you about it.

Instant Results Iowa Support Master displays instant calculation results. Right on the main screen.

Coming 2019 - Free Webinars Watch for important news. Free CLE

Blended Custody Formulas If you ever have a case where say there are three children, two will be in shared custody and one in primary care, you will want to check out this feature of Iowa Support Master.

No other program has the power of Iowa Support Master. Click Here to see an example of our Analysis Page. Scroll down the page and look at the information and advice provided.

We have been producing Iowa's premier child support calculation since 1994. We estimate that more than 2,000 judges, lawyers, legal assistants and secretaries use Iowa Support Master. The software is in use from Nebraska to Illinois and Missouri to Minnesota.

Our support is second to none. Our cell phones are published here and you may call 24/7. We provide Guidelines assistance. Free program training, including in-house. Technical support for all your computer needs as well as network issues. We do it all and it is included in the price of the program.