Iowa Support Master

by Alft & Wilson Publishing

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Alft & Wilson Publishing gurantees that Iowa Support Master will produce accurate results 100% of the time. Judges, lawyers and legal assistants all across Iowa and into Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois rely on Iowa Support Master.

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Order Iowa Support Master 2017 Now!

Why order Iowa Support Master now? We usually release the program by December 1. Buying it now guarantees that you will have the program up and running right from the start. This will give you well more than a year of use. Any cases you have now pending will re-calculate with the 2017 tax numbers. Not sure if you have ordered 2017? Check Here.

Webinar Programs

We are offering a series of webinars designed to teach lawyers and office staff the Iowa Child Support Guidelines and Iowa Support Master. Click Here to check our Webinar programs page.

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Iowa Support Master Child Support Calculation Software

Iowa Support Master is the premier Iowa child support calculation software. Iowa Support Master was the very first software program released in Iowa to calculate child support having been unveiled in April, 1994. Since then, our user base has expanded across Iowa and into neighboring Illinois, Nebraska and Missouri.

Today, more than 2,500 users rely on Iowa Support Master to calculate support. We guarantee 100% accurate calculation results. Our support is second to none. Calls are answered live 24/7 both for tech support and Guidelines assistance. If you have never used the program, we will let you try it for free. Contact us.


There's a reason why so many judges and lawyers rely on Iowa Support Master. Find out why today!