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2015 Program Released - 11/22/14

New for 2015 - Affordable Care Act Estimator

The 2015 program was released on November 22, 2014. Not sure if you ordered 2015? Click Here.

Why Iowa Support Master?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  Try out Iowa Support Master for free. Just call us. If you like it, you buy it.

  • Online Calculator  Iowa Support Master now sports an online calculator. You can access and prepare worksheets from any computer, including Apple iPads. Click Here to try it out.

  • Security  Iowa Support Master does not collect nor store your calculations. Cloud based programs, despite their claims of security, are subject to hackers. We believe your information is safe in your hands.

  • Forms  Iowa Support Master is loaded with forms. From the State Statistical Report form to Deeds. All included.

  • Spousal Support Predictor  Iowa Support Master includes a feature to help you estimate spousal support. See the image below. See Mike Alft's Family Law Seminar notes: Click Here

  • Tax Code/Guidelines Changes  We will update the program as the numbers change at no charge.

  • Free Updates  All updates and changes during the program year are free to registered users. They are available as instant downloads.

  • TOP NOTCH SUPPORT  Guidelines and computer technical support is always free. In fact, you do not have to be a user of Iowa Support Master to ask us for help.

Iowa Support Master calculates child support pursuant to the child support guidelines of Iowa. Over 2,500 lawyers, judges, secretaries, law students and legal assistants rely on Iowa Support Master to calculate child support. We are proud that the best of the best family law practitioners in Iowa and surrounding states rely on Iowa Support Master. These practitioners are devoted to the profession and the specialized practice of family law.

There's a reason why so many judges and lawyers rely on Iowa Support Master. Find out why today!

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